For some patients, dental insurance is a helpful way of maintaining their oral health while managing treatment costs. At Dun Laoghaire Dental, we accept most major dental health insurance providers such as VHI Dental and DeCare Dental. We also offer VHI Dental Direct Pay. This means that when you attend our practice you only have to pay for the percentage of the cost that is not covered by your policy.

Dentist Direct Pay

With Dentist Direct Pay, you only pay the dentist for the costs not covered by your Vhi Dental plan. There’s no need for you to submit a claim. The dentist will submit the claim to us and we’ll reimburse the dentist directly.

Step 1: Before visiting the dentist

  • Select a dentist who is in the Vhi Dental Network
  • You then must phone Vhi Dental before you visit the dentist – call: 046 9077337
  • Then, Vhi Dental will confirm your benefit entitlements to you and to your dentist.

Step 2: At the dentist

  • You attend the dentist for an Exam, Scale & Polish and if necessary X-rays
  • If further treatment is needed, the dentist will forward a treatment plan to Vhi Dental for approval before your next visit
  • Following treatment, you need to sign the claim form which the dentist will have
  • You should only pay the dentist for the costs that are not covered by your plan.

Step 3: Submit the claim

  • The dentist submits the claim to Vhi Dental
  • Vhi Dental pays the dentist directly.

If you have any further questions you can find more information on the Claims section of the Vhi website

Dental Claims Processing

DeCare’s claim process is fast and simple.

Members can submit a claim as soon as a course of treatment is complete either by post or through our secure online ‘Scan & Send’ system. They will receive a text when their claim is received and claims are processed promptly into their bank account.